Monday, February 23, 2009

it's official... WE'VE MOVED!

finally we have moved to a new address! it took a little time and motivation, but this blog has a new home! that means this address will no longer but the current and updated blog. so to keep up with the adventure of Isa and Sylvi, you need to update our blogroll or your address book or your favorites to the new address:

there are still some finishing touches to be done at the new blog site, like getting the blogroll up and things like that, but for the most part it's ready to go. you will find all of the old posts and comments and photos there (all 600 posts and 1300 comments that is!)

so come on over and join us there!

HUGE shop sale!

because it's february, the seemingly longest month of the year! atleast it seems that way if you live in a cold climate like we do. so in honor of spring coming sooner rather than later, there is a MID-WINTER SHOP SALE going on right now! Dresses are 25% off (this never happens people!) as well as tees, onesies, blankets, and more. Won't last long so don't miss out!
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

picture this:

isa and daddy are cooking Crash Hot potatoes in the kitchen (click on that link! they are so good!). isa is wearing an orange shirt with matching red/orange striped pants. and a pink and purple tutu. and a super hero cape (turned backwards and now used as an apron, of course) with magic fairy wand included. she is very clearly directing this little cooking show and demanding, "we need garwic salt! and spices... da green ones!" only to follow with, "now we gotta spwinkle da cheese daddy! more cheese!"

it's ridiculously cute but since it's taking place while i am occupied with the littlest one, i can't get a photo. so instead you get a wordy little recap. enjoy :-)

steam bath

sylvi gets comfy for another evening steam bath! who knew a sink would make such a comfy Roo seat.
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Friday, February 20, 2009


we're doing a special 12 Week Old flaskback this morning, in honor of Sylvi's twleve week birthday. so here is Isa at nearly the same age. i need to go back and look at isa's baby book, as i am curious of the stats. but it's safe to say that they really don't look much alike! and i think isa had twice the cheeks by this point! though they are both pretty darn cute, if i do say so myself!
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Happy Twelve Weeks Sylvi!

how is it possible that Sylvi is already twelve weeks old? *sniff sniff*

but so it is, the littlest one turns turns twelve weeks today! unfortunately she has a small case of the sniffles but it's not holding her back much. she is still her sweet, smiley self even when sick.

We love you Sylvi, happy twelve weeks!
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